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  • 15th October 2014

New portal to deliver savings and improved services for Legal Ombudsman

Lawyers will be able to manage Legal Ombudsman complaints in one place from the end of the month, thanks to a new online portal.
The portal, being introduced as part of ongoing improvements to the Ombudsman’s service, will allow lawyers to view complaint details, share information, confirm resolutions; and access decisions on complaints.

Consumers will also be encouraged to manage their complaint through the portal, enabling them to keep track of what stage the complaint is at.
The portal is one of a number of business transformation initiatives being rolled out by the Ombudsman to help it deliver savings of up to £2m a year. In addition, it should help the scheme to improve its data reporting and analysis while reducing the number of ‘out of jurisdiction’ cases making their way into its assessment centre for consideration.

In parallel to this work, the Ombudsman is developing a new case management system, which sees the scheme leading the way in its use of complaint handling technology. And the Ombudsman’s website will also receive a makeover including more dynamic and accessible content, a new look and feel, and greater integration with social media.

Next year the scheme will move its operations to a new location in Birmingham, halving its office space and making further reductions to its overheads.
Chief Ombudsman, Adam Sampson, said: “We are constantly looking at ways in which we can make our service as efficient and cost effective as possible. The portal is one of the key innovations we’re making to achieve this goal.

“The portal will have benefits for consumers and lawyers, ultimately making life easier for everyone involved in the complaint process.”

Details about how to set up an account are being sent to COLP’s this month by email. And further information about the portal will be posted on the Ombudsman’s website closer to its launch; expected at the end of the month.

Though strongly encouraged, setting up an account won’t be mandatory and the scheme will still deal with information coming in by post and email.